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How is Kalispell's growth impacting your life?

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

There's no doubt about it - Kalispell is growing and things are changing quickly. It's a far cry from my childhood when the big news was Kalispell Center Mall going up across the street from my parents' restaurant, Pepper's Pizza.

Today, rapid growth is straining our town's resources. From accessible housing and quality childcare to longer commutes and kids moving out of state, everyone I know is faced with new challenges.

As we prepare to manage the expansion of our community, we need to think strategically.

Will you help prepare me as a leader by answering the question above? If you'd like to talk more, reach out to me at 407-1151 or use the Contact page on this website.

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The price of housing has made it nearly impossible for my 35 year old son to buy house for his family of five. I was born in kalispell in 1960. I feel astonished by the greed and the change of the ideas changing my home.

Replying to

Hi there - I hear you. I have so many friends in the same boat as your son - kids who grew up in this valley alongside me. I’m worried my nieces and nephews won’t be able to afford rent, let alone a home purchase in the current market.

With that said, I am encouraged to see more housing going up in Kalispell and I know even that brings other challenges. We must work together to tackle such as demands on our infrastructure and ensuring our kiddos are better prepared for the area‘s high-wage jobs that give them more options. I’m passionate about hardworking Montanans having the opportunity to build a bright future in Big Sky Country. ~Courtenay

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