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Perspective: My vote on HR-1

Good morning, friends - I’ve received a few inquiries as to my vote on HR-1 and felt the following response I provided to Flathead County Republic Women today might be of interest:

“I want to thank you for taking time to reach out and open a dialogue. I truly believe this is how we build the trusting, God-honoring relationships that will allow us to work together to further the conservative values we all hold dear. I would love the chance to set up a more regular connect with you so we can discuss ideas, legislation I’m working on, and any concerns or questions.

As to your question, I understand there are several perspectives on what was best for this vote. I took what I feel is, in fact, the conservative vote on HR1. I voted for a set of rules that allows me to best represent my constituents, further conservative policy, and ensure that Montana’s legislators are afforded equal access to the process, which is a constitutional principle I hold sacred.

It may have been easier for me to opt for a vote that would lean toward consolidating power - I know some from our delegation felt that the right choice and I respect that. However, I tend to agree with Representative Rosendale and the stand is making in Washington DC where he is opposing the a set up rules that consolidates power more heavily with our Republican Speaker.

As a Representative Republic, I believe we are always wise to keep power in the hands of the people. To compromise this belief because we have a supermajority would be to embrace situational ethics and that is simply not something I can justify. Although I represent the people and our party, ultimately, I must be able to stand before the Lord and make an account.

Coming to the decision was not simple. I listened to all perspectives carefully, did the research, and spent time in significant prayer for guidance.

I am fully confident that our large Republican majority will produce the strong conservative results we were elected to carry out. We will balance the budget, cut taxes, pay down debts and liabilities, cut red tape/regulation, push back against far-left cultural over-reach, and invest intelligently in pro-growth opportunities. I am excited and humbled to serve.

Please reach out anytime. I look forward to getting to know you all better.”

Blessings, Courtenay

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