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Sheriff Heino endorses Representative Courtenay Sprunger

"Courtenay did more for law enforcement and community safety in Helena this last session than any other legislator I know. She has my absolute support."

~Sheriff Brian Heino

Thanks for your support, Sheriff Heino! In the 2023 session of the Montana Legislature, it was a privilege to work with local law enforcement and the Montana Attorney General to sponsor and pass the following bills that will make Montana a safer place to live.

Fighting for a Safer Flathead

When you elected me, I promised to fight for a safer Flathead. At the 2023 state legislature, I worked with local law enforcement agencies to pass three bills to strengthen community safety in Montana.


HB 791 Mandatory jail time for fentanyl traffickers

HB 791 guarantees mandatory jail time, a $50,000 fine, or both for convicted fentanyl traffickers. Those who profit of the misery and death of our most vulnerable residents should be in jail time – this bill gives our law enforcement and county attorneys a tool to make that happen.


HB 256 Allows Auxiliary Officers to Carry Weapons

Annually, Flathead County Sheriff Posse members, complete 200 to 300 hours of training volunteer 10,000 hours. HB 256 will allow our auxiliary officers to be properly armed to do their job while in uniform – for the first time.


HB 790 – Emily’s Law electronic monitoring & victim notification

HB 790 allows victims of domestic violence to opt-in to court-ordered monitoring alerts through victim notification technology. Ensuring victims are now directly notified is a potentially life-saving advancement.

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