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We have a traffic problem in the Flathead...

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Growing up in the Flathead, I could easily get anywhere in Kalispell in ten minutes or less, even in the summer. Today, it's a much different story as our town swells with new growth and our roadways fill beyond capacity every summer.

Many of us born and raised in the Flathead have stayed because the quality of life here is unbeatable. Our neighbors who have moved here often say it's for the scenery, outdoor recreation, friendly people, and slow pace of life. It's a wonderful place to live. These days, it feels like the whole world knows it - which is why Kalispell is one of the fastest-growing communities in the country.

Maintaining the Montana pace of life in the face of rapid growth means we must prioritize infrastructure improvements. For almost a decade, I've worked alongside engineers, contractors, and government agencies to deliver highway and bridge projects for our state. I am prepared to legislate and advocate for solutions that stretch our tax dollars and accelerate construction processes for key infrastructure projects such as West Reserve and the Kalispell Bypass.

Here are several practical steps we can take to help manage traffic congestion in Kalispell:
  • Advocacy: As your representative, I will be a relentless advocate for Kalispell projects that deliver the best value and road congestion relief for our community. I will work with the community to listen and learn about top priorities and to help seek funding for these projects at the state level.

  • Project Delivery Methods: We can stretch our dollars through working with our state's Transportation Commission to encourage key projects such as West Reserve be completed using the Design-Build process. Design-Build (versus Design-Bid-Build) is an accelerated option for large projects that have the significant right of way already acquired, strong community support, etc.

  • Reduce Red Tape: I will carry legislation that reduces unnecessary red tape and/or increases accountability so we can finish more projects with our current funds. For instance, we can explore streamlining studies, simplifying reporting for local communities receiving state transportation funds, and refining the utility relocation process for major construction projects.

  • Community Convener: I believe a legislator's responsibilities extend beyond proposing legislation in Helena. I will work year-round on behalf of our community as a convener, bringing key groups together to collaborate on grants, public outreach, and creative solutions.

As your representative, my goal is to improve our roadways and bridges so you can get where you need to go safely and efficiently. If you agree that life is too short to spend it stuck sitting in traffic, please support Courtenay Sprunger from Montana House District 7.

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